Surprising Ending for a Sad Suicidal Friend

By February 19, 2017 March 16th, 2017 No Comments

This evening driving home from central California, from burying my father the day before, we got a call regarding an old friend, I have been praying for several years. His relative called saying, my friend was suicidal but that he wanted to speak to me. ( I had not spoken to this guy in at least 10 years)

Amazingly we were only about 30 minutes from the fellows house, but I was exhausted, emotionally drained and in discomfort because of a pinched nerve in my neck. I quietly prayed Lord what do you want me to do!? I instantly knew. I told my wife, tell them we will be there in 30 min. She agreed and said she would drop me off and go to a nearby hotel with our kids and some dear friends and pray.

When I got there he was despondent and in so much emotional pain he truly wanted to die.

Why? A crazy childhood, abuse, terror of watching his mother being beaten by a step-father, all resulting in PTSD that he has suffered and been tormented by for many many years of nightmares, flashbacks. He has been self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity. Now, hopeless and tired of failure, I watch him rage at all the injustice putting his elbow and fist through his walls adding to the many already there.

With people praying, I started sharing with him that his problem was not the drinking, drugs, etc. but rather his un-dealt with past and now the horrible strongholds the enemy of his soul had on him with sins of bondage.

In just the right time, the Lord gave me gave me insight into his past, that he told me he had never told anyone, yet I knew and told him, God loves you so much He had me driving by your home driving many many miles from my home. He started crying saying, nobody knew. ( The Lord did and reminded me of it)

Next thing I knew this man was on his knees sobbing before God , repenting of his anger and sin, rebellion and then started giving his pain to the Lord. He then stood lifting his arms to the Lord surrendering all of himself.

The Holy Spirit was very present and my friend told me demons had been in his room often, so we went upstairs and did a cleansing of the room and house with oil and prayer and the authority of scripture and the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ over him as well. Then we and his relative who called broke out in spontaneous prayer, praise and adoration!

A very amazing evening and I am excited to share that this prodigal who now has returned home will start trauma counseling using the Holy Bible and EMDR with my Dr. who helped me out so much.

Please keep him in prayer as the next few weeks will be hard but like this courageous warrior said, ” My life is hard already” so he now has hope that freedom and help for PTSD is possible because I was standing in front of him as proof from God!

Thanking the Lord and to God be the Glory!